How online slots work

Slot machines are a popular type of gambling entertainment for today

Providing for the investment of funds. Every beginner and experienced gambler dreams of getting the greatest reward by betting and inventing various strategies. There are many schemes and techniques that are used to increase the chances of winning, but whether all these methods and approaches are so effective, you can only find out if you know how the slot works.

Basics of Online Slots

The slot machine consists of several main components that make up a single whole mechanism. A certain action depends on each one individually: the reels demonstrate symbols and chains, the control panel allows you to place bets and make other settings, the software executes commands set by the player. Let’s look at each component in more detail.

How the automaton algorithm works

RTP gaming Automatoslot is characterized as software aimed at bringing a certain percentage of profit. In each software, the developer has an indicator of RTP – Return to Player, indicating exactly how much a particular slot machine will give. As a rule, the figure varies in the values of 85-95%, but there are indicators higher. But RTP will never show one hundred percent, because then the meaning of the slot’s existence is lost.

For example, a gambler enters the Joker Monarch online platform, selects the device and makes a bet. It is fixed by the program and the spins of the reels are started. After they stop, the same signs may or may not form in a sequential direction, which is a winning combination.

No matter how much time the player spends at the slot, it will not be possible to control the return. The program does not care when and to whom to give the pledged rtp, and even in the case of a quick win, the game will take its allotted percentages over a long distance.

Another important factor affecting the gameplay algorithm is the license. If you play on a legal slot, there is a chance at least not to lose the bulk of the bankroll, but pirated copies are twisted up to 5-10%, so there is absolutely no chance.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the small percentage that takes the slot can be triggered at any time and in different or the same gaming session. What does it mean? One gambler will constantly get winning combinations, and the rest will pay with RTP. This is the whole trick of the slot – you will never guess what will fall out in the next spin.

What is the bid level?

Online slots Starting slothunters can’t always figure out the bets, often confusing the amount per line and the coin denomination. Some do not understand what the nominal value means and why it is installed on the slot. Let’s give a small example: a slot machine offers a nominal value of 0.1 units, what does this mean? By selecting this value and activating 9 lines, 0.9 coins will be debited to the amount per spin. In the real world, there is no such denomination, coins are not divided into component parts. Thanks to this technology, you have a chance to reduce the risk by making a bet equal to even less than one penny.

It is important to deal with this at the initial stage of mastering the slot in order to clearly understand the set amount at stake.

What are the reels in slot games

The classic slot is a game with spinning reels. They are arranged vertically and the number depends on the specific slot: there may be three, five or more reels. There are cells on the reels in which symbols are displayed. Each reel rotates separately, and after stopping, the images in the sectors are formed into chains. If this happened on the line activated by the player, the move is counted as a winning one. The pictures did not match — the money for the spin is debited from the bankroll in favor of the casino.

Modern developers are implementing a wide variety of graphical solutions, the reels can be displayed as falling blocks, as in the well-known slot from NetEnt Gonzo’s Quest and some other slot machines, or in general in the form of a spiral or floating symbols. Regardless of the appearance – all this is considered drums, but in some interpretation.

Winnings in online slots

Without a doubt, this is the most exciting question in the characteristics of the slot and the gameplay. How winnings are calculated, which matches are considered successful and how much you can earn for a successful combination — all this interests a beginner. First of all, it is important to consider all the main components involved in the issuance of a good win.

Symbols and winning combinations

winning combination 777 In each slot, a certain set of symbols is set. It has a graphical component that depends on the theme of the emulator. Previously, the classic signs were “777”, “BAR” and pictures with fruits, and the slots did not shine with variety.

Today, programmers and designers use all their imagination and creativity in the development of the game, laying a whole storyline with the development of events in the bonus rounds. All this is done to attract an audience — playing the slot with familiar and beloved characters is much more interesting than just watching the spinning watermelons and oranges. Of course, there are also fans of classics who prefer a standard set of characters.

Winning combinations are formed as a result of spins of the reels, after they stop. How it happens in practice:

the gambler sets the number of active lines – their number depends on the slot model, personal decision and the player’s excitement;
the starting key starts the revolutions;
at a certain moment, the rotations stop, some slots have a manual stop;
the program determines the effectiveness of the spin by calculating the winnings based on the number of matches;
if the move is successful— the amount won is displayed on the scoreboard.

All valid combinations are displayed in the paytable, which can be called by the corresponding button on the control panel. As a rule, it is of a dynamic type, i.e., the indicators for each combination change, depending on the current bid.

In each slot there are both more expensive and less paid icons, the conditions for a winning combination also vary from slot to slot. For example, in one, a win can be counted starting from two consecutive symbols, and in the other — only from three. Sometimes chains work in both directions: from left to right and vice versa.

What are paylines?

paylines in slot machines are the directions in which the winning combination will be counted. The lines can pass through the coils horizontally, diagonally and in various broken directions. It all depends on the modification of the slot. Identical images that fall out in a row will be considered prize-winning if they are located along the active line, so most gamblers try to activate all the chains at once in order to have a better chance of winning.

In some slots, the number of lines can be changed manually, in others they are all fixed by the developer and cannot be changed. It is important to remember that the more directions are activated, the more expensive it will be to scroll the reels alone.

What are multipliers in slot games?

  • These are special values that can increase the amount several times.
  • They can be present both in the main and in the bonus game, most often triggered in the second case.
  • Their number and coefficient depends directly on the slot itself, how the developer made it and how many prize additions he laid.
  • The multiplier in the main game can work in several cases:

a random symbol that moves freely on the playing field, increasing the current winnings;
an additional window indicating the active multiplier, which is given for matching or collecting certain characters;
the loss of a special combination on which the multiplier is triggered.
There are many variations, it is necessary to study the rules carefully.

What is RNG

The Random Number Generator is a program that ensures the operation of the slot and its impartiality to the issuance of prize combinations. Its algorithm cannot be predicted by anyone, including the developer and owner of an online casino. Famous mathematicians, programmers and psychologists took part in the development of the RNG, a modern model, namely the 128-bit md5 algorithm, was developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts.

The logic of the generator is that it does not have its own memory, so all combinations are generated randomly, without logical completion and a planned result.

Starting from the moment the rotations start, the RNG gives out one hundred different numbers per minute, for which a certain combination is assigned. At the moment of stopping the revolutions, one of the numbers is fixed and symbols are formed on the screen. It all depends on the exact moment the button was pressed, but it is impossible to understand what number was generated at that moment.

Should I trust the RNG?

Definitely yes, especially if the slot is from a well-known developer. Every reputable company periodically tests the random number generator in specialized laboratories, which, after verification, issue a certificate of conformity.

The Joker Monarch Casino offers slots only from trusted providers. Learn the rules, place bets and may luck smile on you.

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